Our approach

Experience at the service of Projects​

The approach of Link Management derives from the experience shared  with our customers.

The firsts phases of a project are prudential and allow the customer on the one hand to contain the investment and on the other to appreciate our expertise and our  methodology.

Process Analysis


The Process Analysis is meant to:

  • Know the exact state of the company
  • Define the Major Critical Issues of the Organisational and Information Processes
  • Define the Ideal Model for the Company

Model - Prototype

Implementation of an Operating Model that allows to:

  • Verify the Applicability of the Solution (presence and correctness of the data)
  • Give evidence to the client of the benefits of the Proposed Solution
  • Define the project ROI in a more reliable way

Return on Investment

For each job’s phase it is possible to estimate in a reliable way the Return of Investment:

  • Reduction of the Low Added Value activities 
  • Reduction of the Warehouse and  Missing Stocks
  • Increase of the Productive Efficiency and better Use of the production Resources
  • Increase of the Deliveries Reliability

The Project

Once that the analysis and the model phases are completed it is possible to define a project having:

  • Defined Times of Implementation 
  • Estimated Return of the investment
  • Optimal probability of success in the Applicability of the Tools
  • Information Process coherent with the Decision-Making Process