New Partnership with Blulink

For years Link Management has been dealing with Management of Business Processes and Quality Management for production companies, for this reason we have chosen to adopt and implement the most widespread and complete Quality Management System present on the Italian market: Quarta3.

Quarta3, a Quality Management platform based on a workflow engine, combines a high functional completeness with a modern web infrastructure, oriented to intra- and inter-plant collaboration, and to the measurement of process performance.

Not just software integration

Link Management develops projects for manufacturing companies and therefore the collaboration with Blulink is not a simple integration between applications, but a real Project that will allow our customers or potentials to have the best functional tools on the market and a Single Contact, a Sole manager of the project.

Link Management, supported by Blulink, has been following a training and coaching process for months to achieve technical independence for the Quarta3 product.

The project also includes the integration of Quarta3 with the other applications proposed by Link Management: OPERA MES, Cyberplan, Automa and Iungo.

Blulink's Choice

"In choosing the applications we want to offer our customers we consider important 3 factors: Competence on the Theme, References and History, Corporate Philosophy similar to ours, so the choice to collaborate with Blulink was natural.

Blulink has been dealing with Quality Management for 25 years, is a leader in the Italian market and both our companies are focused on customer satisfaction. "

Engineer Mauro Scarso