The costs of NON Quality: if you know them (probably) you avoid them.

20 MARCH 2018 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at NICE Spa

Process by process, area by area, in company and with its customers and suppliers, a new mission for Quality: ensuring the right ideas to identify, isolate and mitigate waste and gaps in the quality of products and services. The potential of Quarta®3 as a support tool.

Some interventions: 

• Welcome from Blulink and Link Management

• The combination of Production 4.0 and Quality as a driver of efficiency and cost reduction
    Blulink and Link Management

• The costs of NON Quality: if you know them (probably) you avoid them.

• Customer Quality Management and Supplier Quality
   Marco Bianchet, Group Quality Director of Nice Spa

• MES integrated with quality
   Enrico Zanolin Industrial Engineer of TEXA S.p.a.

• Presentation of implementation of the Quarta®3 solution in Ognibene Power global market leader in the           off-highway power steering system.

• dott. Sandro Vanin, vice president Aicq triveneta.