Pordenone Fair

For years, Link Management has implemented SW MES for companies that work in Plastics.

This year we will be present at SAMUEXPO to present the pre-configured MES for Plastic Molding.

Come and visit us at Pad 1 Stand 11

Integrated with EUROMAP Protocol 63 and 77

Native Methods for Connecting Machines, Plants, Measurement Instruments and Testing

  • OPC – UA: Standard Industry 4.0
  • Digital I/O: connection with digital signal
  • OPC – Server: connection with SW PLC management
  • OPC – DB:  Online data exchange via Daabase
  • Interchange Files: XML, CSV, TXT, …


  • OEE, Efficiency, Use, Quality
  • Randomization of Scraps and Fermi Machine
  • Average working tie and setup for Family/Article
  • Learning curves