Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Advanced Planning System

CyberPlan is the Advanced Planning System (APS) created to extend the potentiality of ERP systems to the simulation of possible future states. Intuitive in use, fast in execution, easily integrated and configurable, CyberPlan is the leading tool in the field of Planning and Finite Capacity Scheduling.


What-If Simulations

What-If Analysis for every single Supply Chain process allow to identify quickly the best productive scenario, foreseeing risks and loss of profit with the possibility to intervene on the most critical resources well in advance.

Sales and Operation Planning and High Performances

Perfectly integrable with all the common ERP and the company information systems, it allows to obtain a 4.0 Supply Chain. Specific algorithms for demand and production management operating on a high performance DB in Ram, allow continuous interaction optimizing the processes of the entire Supply Chain.

Finite Capacity Scheduling

The optimization of the sequences by resource allows to minimize setup times and costs while maintaining the desired service level.

Return On Investment

A survey conducted among our customers has shown that an Advanced Planning project with Cyberplan has had a ROI in 12 months thanks to the Reduction of Low Value Added activities.

The operational advantages attributable to projects of this type are:

  • Increase of service level
  • Significant reduction of direct and indirect production costs
  • Increased production efficiency
  • More effective management of suppliers and contractors