Demand Planning (DP)

Demand Forecast

In manufacturing companies, forecasts have many long horizons, different from those of distribution and this often requires a high level of operative activity to support the production of significant forecasts.

Manage these horizons in an easy and fast way, producing forecasts with low margin of error thanks to the powerful CyberPlan algorithms.

Anticipate the Demand

Reorder and safety stockpiles are ways of managing stocks (including finished products) which tend to be static, not suitable for the current uncertainty of demand.

The best solution to anticipate the demand is managing sales forecasts.

Algorithms designed to achieve more accurate sales forecasts allow a better efficiency in the planning of the production process. 

What I Can Have

The elaboration of a good Forecast Plan is the result of the collaboration of several corporate functions: Commercial, Planning, Production, Sales, Management Control.

Once you elaborate the Plan Forecast thanks to the Cyberplan S&OP it is possible to obtain in the medium-long period:

  • Workload by department / work center
  • Man's resource requirements
  • Purchase plan that can be provided to suppliers
  • Simulation on warehouses and financial exposure
  • Availability of the Sale (ATP) by Article/Group

Return On Investment

The return on investment of these projects is typically around 12 months thanks to:

  • Reduction of costs related to stock and obsolescence
  • Increased Customer Service Level: Accuracy of dates and reduction of Lead Time
  • Increased productivity
  • Increase's Sales Volume through the reduction of lost sales
  • Reduction of forecast management costs