Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


OPERA is proposed as a MES system that integrates the company office with the factory.

OPERA MES is the ONLY Software tool with which the Factory operator exchanges information with the various company software in a bi-directional way: ERP, PLM / PDM, Planning, Documental, Business Intelligence, Quality, etc.


OPERA MES is developed in the WEB environment and this allows Link consultants to create the Operator Panel that best suits the needs of the various companies.

The versatility of the WEB makes it possible to use any type of declaration device: 5 "handhelds, 7 to 12" tablets, 15 "All in One PCs.

In addition to executing production, quality and maintenance declarations, the operator can easily and immediately access any type of information necessary to perform his work.

The "Portal" Operator

The OPERA Human Machine Interface (HMI) Panel can become a portal from which the operator can have access to:

  • Sequenced Work Plan
  • Drawings: assembly mode, mechanical drawing, wiring diagram, etc.
  • Documents: machine setup card, maintenance card, packing scheme

Machine Connection

Thanks to its OPERA technology, it allows integration with already established Industry 4.0 machines but also with older machines

The OPERA-Machine Integration Modes are:

  • Digital I / O (piece counter and machine status)
  • OPC-DB (connections via Database)
  • XML files, CSV, TXT, and others
  • EUROMAP 63 and 77


With Opera it is possible to obtain a series of fundamental indicators for the Government of the Factory:

  • OEE, Efficiency, Use, Quality
  • Randomization of Scraps and Machine faults
  • Average working time and setup for Family / Item
  • Learning curves


These KPIs are available directly in OPERA, Qlikview, Qlik-Sense and Power BI

Link Factory Control

The experience gained in our projects has led us to develop a WEB Portal from which any company person can view the data of the MES system in a SIMPLIFIED manner.

LFC is developed on a WEB platform for which it can be consulted by Smart Phone, PC or even visualized in presentation mode on LED TV directly in the Factory.

With LFC you can view the progress of a Production Order, see the final balance, see the sequence of work or access an attachment.


  • Detection and Testing Management
  • Process control (SPC)
  • Traceability and batch traceability


  • Management of resources in maintenance
  • Incidental Maintenance and Preventive
  • KPI - Performance Analysis (MTBF, MTTF, MTTR, MTD)


  • Automatic identification
  • Data collection, loading / unloading 
  • Handling management
  • Inventory monitoring and analysis 

Return on Investment

For this type of project, the expected ROI is less than 12 months from the start of the project by obtaining the following operating results:

  • Reduction of production's crossing time and WIP
  • Elimination or reduction of insertion times and circulating paper
  • Lead time reduction
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Better organization of processes