Quality Management System

Quality and Compliance Management System

For years Link Management has been dealing with Management of Business Processes and Quality Management for production companies, for this reason we have chosen to adopt and implement the most widespread and complete Quality Management System present on the Italian market: Quarta3.

Quarta®3, a Quality Chain Management platform, based on a workflow engine, combines a high functional completeness with a modern web infrastructure, oriented towards intra- and inter-plant collaboration, and the measurement of process performance.

Quality Control Production/Supplier

  • SCP:  Statistical Process Control
  • CAD Convert
  • Acceptance in Production and Final
  • On going checks and tests

Audit Management

  • Quality Audit (Supplier, Internal, Customer)
  • APP Audit
  • Machine Quality Book


Supplier Quality Portal

  • Supplier Dossier
  • Qualification
  • Approval
  • PPAP

Continuos improvement

  • Non-compliance and corrective actions
  • Complaints and Return Management
  • Derogation and Concessions
  • 8D Report, Improvement Plans
  • CAPA - Corrective and Preventive Actions

Plant Maintenance

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Fault Management
  • External suppliers Management


  • Measurement Tools Management
  • Calvin
  • Measurement Tools Verification and Calibration


  • Approval
  • Sampling (ISIR, FAI, ...)
  • PPAP
  • Derogations and Concessions

Company Management and Workflow

  • Document Management
  • Project Management (FMEA, APQP)
  • Business Process Management - Workflow

HR Management

  • Organizational Model
  • Collaborator Tab
  • Skills Management
  • Training Management


  • Organizational Model
  • Collaborator Tabs
  • DPI
  • Training Management
  • Healt Surveillance, Accidents

Evaluation Risks

  • Organizational Model
  • Evaluation Risks
  • DUVRI - Procurement
  • DVR

Reporting System and KPI



For each of the modules and System Functions there are a series of already developed and integrated Reports and Performance Indicators.