Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC)

High Engagement Capacity

Thanks to the innovative and patented * use of e-mail, IUNGO allows you to automate procurement management with all suppliers, from bid requests to invoices, through purchase orders, confirmations, attachments, shipping notices and the bubbles.

The user has a portal integrated with the management system where he has the complete and updated status of the orders to coordinate and monitor the entire Supply Chain.

The supplier, big or small, anywhere in the world, does not need any training or to implement dedicated technological infrastructures.

In addition to IUNGOmail, preferred by most partners, suppliers can communicate also using all the "classic" channels: web portal, edi, xml, fax, pdf, etc ...

Return on Investment

Eliminate low added value activities                 It streamlines the organization of office work related purchases solving many of the problems and automating tasks such as manual data entry, phone calls, reminders, excessive use of paper.

Integrating IT systems (ERP, IUNGO, BI, MRP)​         It automates the order management process by integrating with all corporate information systems to avoid the dissemination of information, unnecessary costs and wasted time.

New product development

In the research phase of a new product, IUNGO allows the various company divisions to communicate with potential suppliers in a simple way thanks to the integration with the PDM - PLM in order to share documents, request offers and make complex decisions easily.


The use of IUNGO makes the company's ability to select suppliers and partners more in relation to company needs through the selection of needs, the collection of data by the supplier, the use of RfP (Request for Proposal) and the qualification process in the supplier register.



IUNGO manages all the activities that lead to the identification of the most suitable supplier. The automation of the solution allows a reduction of activities with low added value in favor of the strategic activities that generate value for the company.

Purchase order management

IUNGO allows to quickly and clearly share information regarding orders, reminders, attachments, confirmations and deliveries, minimizing the use of resources and allowing an immediate, constant and direct alignment between customer and supplier.


Transport management

IUNGO, in a single integrated solution, can manage the assignment, control and reporting of transport services in order to make suppliers, customers and operators of the logistics service collaborate.


Quality management

IUNGO simplifies and speeds up the creation and transmission of non-conformities and quality performances inside and outside the company, integrating with the main vertical quality systems.


Management of the passive cycle

IUNGO automatisms in the management of passive cycle activities (such as receiving goods, billing authorization, checking bubbles, payments, etc.) allow a lower absorption of resources, the elimination of manual errors and greater internal efficiency thanks to the total management of activities.



Thanks to the historicization of the analytical data of the entire purchasing process, IUNGO allows the measurement and in-depth evaluation of the performance of the actors involved (both buyers and suppliers) in order to monitor, anticipate and correct any problems.