Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management

Link Management implements a WMS tool for the dynamic and "realtime" management of traditional warehouses, where operators, with wireless RF terminals, perform all paperless operations.


There are also modules for the management of vertical warehouses with translating planes, automatic scales, packaging lines, filming, labeling.

WEB and Automation

The WMS application is a completely web-based platform, for this reason it is independent from any hardware system. The declaration terminals work on the web platform as well as the supervision system.

The partnership with a leading company in the industrial automation sector has motivated us to develop a specific version of the WMS for automated warehouses management, with pallet stackers or mini-loops for boxes, both for level 3 (server PC layouts) and for level 2 (execution on PLC),

Radio Frequency

Technology based on electromagnetic signals able to allow wireless communication between two or more hardware devices. It is usually exploited by handheld scanner terminals combined with barcode labels, which together with the WMS allow the execution of warehouse operations.


Technology for automatic identification / storage of information contained in supports called tags, which have the ability to respond to remote queries of devices called "readers". Allows the acquisition of information without reading the barcode.


Technology that allows the application of the item to the operations performed by warehouse operators. It converts the software instructions into voice commands and recognizes the responses of the warehouse operator, creating an entirely vocal communication between the system and the operator.

Return on Investment

The transition to an advanced warehouse management system generally brings benefits within 12 months thanks to:

  • Reduction of Missing
  • Reliability and timeliness of information
  • Significant reduction in the time taken to manage the Stock
  • Reduction of the required space