The Team

Mauro Scarso
Ing. Mauro Scarso Electronic Engineer, Company's founder in 2003. Currently holds the position of Sales Manager
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Samuele Brandellero
Samuele Brandellero, CPIM Director of Operations. For years he was a Consultant and Project Leader in Planning and MES projects
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Alessio Rimondi
Alessio Rimondi Project leader and Senior Consultant in Planning Projects
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Giambattista Busato
Giambattista Busato Management Leader, Senior Consultant in Planning and Forecast projects. Project Leader in Supply Chain Management projects
Andrea Cocco
Andrea Cocco Senior Consultant in MES projects, Industry 4.0 projects specialist
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Francesco Furlanetto
Ing. Francesco Furlanetto Project Leader and Consultant in business organization
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Cristian Zanon
Ing. Cristian Zanon Planning and MES Project Leader Forecast and Planning Projects Senior Consultant
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Ing. Federico Spaziani
Ing. Federico Spaziani Senior Planning and Scheduling Consultant
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Ing. Mattia Straziota
Ing. Mattia Straziota Quality and Planning Consultant
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Mariano Visco
Mariano Visco Applicant Consultant in MES Projects, developer in the WEB environment
Ruggero Fassina
Ruggero Fassina Applicant Consultant Senior in MES and WMS projects, expert in logistics management processes
Ing. Stefano Prebianca
Ing. Stefano Prebianca Applicant Consultant in MES and Planning Projects. Referent for the management of KPI business information systems in Qlikview and Qliksense environment
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Matteo Rampado
Ing. Matteo Rampado Senior Consultant in MES projects, Industry 4.0 projects specialist
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Ing. Ivan Temelkov
Ing. Ivan Temelkov MES Application Consultant and Industry 4.0 specialist
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Alessandro Viganò
Ing. Alessandro Viganò Customer Care Manager
Stefania Tonello
Stefania Tonello Administrative Manager, purchasing and Human Resources Management
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Dott.ssa Laura Tognon
Dott.ssa Laura Tognon Administration and Accounting
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Alessia Azzi
Alessia Azzi Administration, Office manager and Control orders
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Ing. Luca Dioli
Ing. Luca Dioli Account Manager
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Francesca Vallotto
Francesca Vallotto She carries out Lead and Generation activities, CRM and Organization events Management
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